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Monday, March 18, 2013
Tags:   Eclipse Aerospace, Fixed-Wing, Jet
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The new aircraft will have the same airframe and engines as the 500, but will be called Eclipse 550 and sell for $2.695 million. Like the 500, the 550 will be certified for single-pilot operation. Cockpit avionics upgrades include synthetic and enhanced vision; sharper, more powerful display screens; a separate avionics standby display unit; dual integrated flight-management systems; and autothrottles for smoother, more efficient engine operation.
“This is already one of the quietest aircraft interiors out there,” said Holland, “but the 550 is just so much tighter.”
The 550 will be the only factory production twinjet available for under $3 million and will boast operating costs below those of a new single-engine piston aircraft in select markets, such as Europe, Holland said. Direct hourly operating costs (fuel, maintenance, engine reserves) in the U.S. are between $650 and $700 an hour, he said. That makes the Eclipse less expensive to operate per nautical mile than even some single-engine turboprops. Pilots routinely see fuel burns at maximum cruise altitude of less than 60 gallons an hour and can easily use runways shorter than 3,000 feet. Read the full article here.
Business Jet Traveler//March 18, 2013//Mark Huber

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Monday, October 29, 2012
Tags:   Jet, Fixed Wing, Aviation, Dassault Falcon
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AINalerts » by  Mark Huber

At the NBAA Convention today, Dassault Falcon introduced yet another new version of its Falcon 2000 super-midsize twin. The new Falcon 2000LXS combines the range and amenities of the Falcon 2000LX with the short-field capabilities of the Falcon 2000S. The $32.8 million, Pratt & Whitney Canada PW308C-powered Falcon 2000LXS will replace the 2000LX when it gains certification in 2014.

As on the 2000S, the LXS features inboard leading-edge wing slats to reduce Vref speeds and takeoff and landing distances. Preliminary estimates indicate the 2000LXS will have a takeoff balanced field length of 4,675 feet at mtow, a landing distance of 2,300 feet and a Vref of 107 knots, a substantial difference from the performance of the 2000LX (5,750 feet, 2,730 feet and 116 knots, respectively).

Unlike the 2000S, the LXS achieves these performance numbers without compromising range or payload. Dassault engineers found ways to remove 300 pounds from the wing structure, even with the addition of winglets, and 100 pounds from the cabin interior. Consequently, they estimate with full fuel the LXS will still have a range of 4,000 nm (Mach 0.8, full fuel, six passengers, 85 percent Boeing annual winds, NBAA IFR reserves), an mtow of 42,800 pounds and a maximum payload of 2,190 pounds. Possible city pairs include New York-Anchorage, Singapore-Dubai and Beijing-Mumbai.




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Tuesday, October 23, 2012
Tags:   Fixed Wing, Gulfstream, Aviation, Jet
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In September, Gulfstream saw its hard work and investment in new products pay off in the certification of not one but two business jets: the remarkable, clean-sheet Gulfstream G650 and the nearly equally remarkable Gulfstream G280 supermidsize model.
By Robert Goyer / Published: Oct 23, 2012  / Flying Magazine  /  View the full article here.




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